“We are very happy with the great impression we gave our potential customers when we call them just minutes after they've enquired.”

Deputy Sales Manager, Hap Seng Land

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According to a study published in Harvard Business Review, the average lead response time is 44 hours and 77% of the leads never received a call, resulting in the wastage of resources for businesses.

Harvard Business Review 2011

Study shows that leads called within five minutes are more likely to be converted.

Most businesses engage multiple marketing channels to generate leads. Unfortunately, due to manual processes, it often takes days or even weeks before the leads are contacted.

A study published in the Harvard Business Review shows that the leads called within 5 minutes of submission are 800% more likely to be converted compared to those called after 1 hour.

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“SalesCandy has helped us in streamlining our leads management process. It used to take almost 24 hours before we were able to contact any leads generated by our social media and now it takes less than 1 minute to do so. In an industry where every second wasted counts, we are impressed with their system! Thanks, SalesCandy!”

Satisfied SalesCandy Client

SalesCandy® helps you close more sales by shortening your response time to five minutes

SalesCandy LMS (Lead Management System) is a mobile app that picks up leads generated through multiple traditional and digital channels and routes them instantly to the salespeople’s mobile phone the moment they submitted an enquiry to allow them to be contacted immediately. 

Our solution shortens your lead response time from an industry average of 14 days to just 5 minutes to increase your chances of closing.

 Works on all Android devices, SalesCandy allows you to proactively control the entire sales process from receiving the leads, scheduling follow-up actions with reminders, to managing your sales funnel, all while you are on the go.

It also offers detailed tracking on lead histories and provides statistics that give you insights into the effectiveness of each advertising effort to allow you to maximise the sales from your marketing budget.

“SalesCandy could track the status & performance of each sales consultant which is insightful to the sales managers.”

Sales Manager, OSK Property

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"Prior to using SalesCandy, there was a lot manual work. We needed to chase the salespeople for reports in Excel sheets which was very tiring and time consuming.  Life is so much easier now that I am able to monitor the sales progress daily with the SalesCandy Manager Portal”

Agency Director, Manulife Financial

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